Buying a property is a huge commitment as we all know and the biggest investment many of us make. We should also remember that in most cases you are purchasing your home. Getting it right is so important.


We can help you in your search, make all arrangements and of course draw on our knowledge and experience to advise you carefully. We will manage your purchase right through to you moving in making matters as smooth as possible. Make our experience count for you.


We can help you in so many ways not just helping in your search for a new home:-



We recommend from a small panel of trusted Solicitors that we have worked with for a number of years. In an effort to help we can of course arrange quotes for you. Choosing the right legal help cannot be left to chance.




Arranging a mortgage can be time consuming, complicated and frustrating. We have an Independent Financial Adviser who specialises in mortgages available to you free of charge should you want advice and help with finances. We want to try and save you money and of course make matters as simple as possible.




We can help you arrange a survey on a purchase if you wish; we work closely with a very experienced local company and quotes can be organised for you.


Stamp Duty Guide


Stamp duty is payable on purchases of residential homes priced over £125,000.


Property Value                                                                                            Duty Rate
Up to £125,000 Zero
The next £125,000 (the portion from £125,001 to £250,000)                2%
The next £675,000 (the portion from £250,001 to £925,000)                5%
The next £575,000 (the portion from £925,001 to £1.5 million)          10%
The remaining amount (the portion above £1.5 million)                     12%


For example If you buy a house for £275,000 the Stamp Duty payable is calculated as follows:-


0% on the first £125,000 = £0
2% on the next £125,000 = £2,500
5% on the final £25,000 = £1,250

Total Stamp Duty = £3,750

Require aValuation

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